SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake - Kids Explain Trailer | PS4 Games

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake – Kids Explain Trailer | PS4 Games

[Music] I'm Ready SpongeBob started making silly Wishes and Patrick turns into a balloon That's probably why I've been feeling so Bloated everything that was in the lands Was sucked into a bottle they have to go On a magical Crest and save their Friends let's save Bikini Bottom from The unintended yet devastating Consequences of our own actions there's So many characters I love SpongeBob his Best friend is Patrick he's not that Smart I stayed up all night pretending I Had hands good morning SpongeBob There's so many different and cool Levels three of the places that I like To go is Medieval land western land and Halloween land I don't have a favorite They're all amazing there's a whole pool Of lava and there's even Gary there but It's an evil Things wrong with a bubble maker and you Can do cartwheels to dodge people it's Good at fighting When he goes off a ledge he gets his Pizza box out so he doesn't take full Damage is that pizza for you and me you Can't even change his clothes I really Like the karate SpongeBob one of his Moves is like yeah yeah this time ain't Big enough for the two of us Oh it feels like a video game and a Movie combined because you have SpongeBob and you control him it's so

Funny I laugh until I'm exhausted it's a Really good game I adore it I love SpongeBob the game one of the Best games ever together Back to normal Cosmic Very excited PlayStation

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