Hitman - Freelancer Cinematic Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Hitman – Freelancer Cinematic Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

International crime syndicates have Elevated their business into a booming Global economy doc money goods and Services are Crossing Borders like never Before Criminal entrepreneurs use next-gen Social profiling to recruit from all Walks of life offering irresistible Opportunity for personal riches radical Belief or Twisted pleasure This approach creates the ultimate Distributed organizational structure Almost impossible to unravel A spreading cancer of ordinary people And doing unspeakable things no one is Above suspicion made up of autonomous Cells they are everywhere all but Impossible for law enforcement to do Anything about Clients looking for justice are lining Up but with no names to the contracts so This time a little more footwork is Needed 47th rmo is to identify trusted Syndicate members take them out and Analyze the ripples in their digital Footprints with enough input we'll be Able to track down the leaders and shut Down the syndicates one at a time I'll leave you to prepare

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