Apresentamos o Projeto Leonardo para PlayStation 5: Impressões dos Especialistas em Acessibilidade

Apresentamos o Projeto Leonardo para PlayStation 5: Impressões dos Especialistas em Acessibilidade

Game accessibility to me means Connection it allows everyone to enjoy The stories that we create if there Wasn't accessibility in gaming it would Be extremely difficult if not Impossible for people like myself to Play it's about the games and always Will be about the games for some folks It means to be able to play a game Comfortably for others it dictates Whether that game is going to be able to Be played and enjoyed at all so playing Games was a very personal experience for Me because it allowed me to kind of play Sports and engage in things that I Really couldn't do as a kid the greatest Part about the new PlayStation Controller is it's designed from the Ground up to be not standard the Controller that PlayStation has Developed offers the flexibility for the Person to figure out how they would like To play and how best suits them during That stage in their life really this new Controller is a toolbox You'll be able to layer different Buttons you'll be able to Move different buttons around so that You can make sure that you're hitting The right button combinations the main Thing I really like was the way you Could bridge over two buttons so when You need to press two buttons at the Same time it was just one I'm somebody

Who needs a layer controller flat and be Able to use more of my hand in order to Control any kind of controller I was Able to finally incorporate my left hand Back into gaming which is something that I hadn't done really successfully since Childhood to have such a Powerhouse Partner like Sony take on that Venture With this project is truly Monumental We're really excited to see the impact Of the controller on helping to make Access to gaming available to many more People my dream is to be able to affect Accessibility at the platform holder Levels I can't wait to see what the Community is going to do with this once They get their hands on it this Controller is a big part of what it Means to to create accessibility and I'm So thankful to be a part of it Um because it's it's life-changing not Just for me but for so many people in The world [Music]

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